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Pets for Vets!


On October 14-15 2017, Melissa and Glen Cogliati of The Hudson Manor hosted a Pets for Vets fundraiser sponsored by the Movers and Shakers and the USSPWD. Twenty three teams of dogs and their handlers, from South Carolina, North Carolina and Virginia participated in a water camp on Saturday with Georgia trainers Tom and Judy Leather. On Sunday, the Leathers put on a Mock Water Trial, judged by Jill Flebotte. Teams ranged from the Junior level to the most advanced, Master level.  A raffle was held on Saturday, bring our donation up to $2,500.

The funds raised at the Pets for Vets Event were used to train a dog for a Veteran and improve the quality of life for both the Vet and the dog. See this story about Gunner and Fidel who were matched just before Christmas 2017.

Gunner and Fidel
Fidel served in the Marines attaining the rank of Staff Sergeant and is also a combat Veteran. He submitted an application to us in the hopes that a doggie battle buddy from PfV would help him deal with the effects of having been in combat. After quite a lot of intense searching, the Cape Fear Chapter of PfV was able to locate Gunner. Gunner is a very smart, young chocolate lab with a lot of love and a strong drive to learn. Gunner was a star during his training phase and did not disappoint on match day. He went straight to Fidel and gave him dozens of kisses and rolled over for belly rubs. After a few minutes Gunner met the rest of the family, Fidel’s wife and two young children, and had a chance to explore his new forever home. We found out it was his new Mommy's birthday and with Christmas coming up the feeling all around was that of great  happiness that we could make this wonderful match a reality! We thank Fidel for his service to our great Nation and for allowing us to share his story! We will continue to follow them as they grow and bond together.


"Pets for Vets, Inc. is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

Our goal is to help heal the emotional wounds of military Veterans by pairing them with a shelter animal that is specifically selected to match his or her personality. These companion animals receive a second chance at life while giving our returning troops a second chance at health and happiness. We are proud to have been invited to attend the event at Hudson Manor and will utilize the funds raised to improve the quality of life for our Veterans and save the lives of shelter animals."