CH. Nautique’s North Star Dadiva, CD, OA, OAJ, CGC, CWDX  (Diva) 

- December 3, 2013

Diva with Award

Today, December 3rd, I released my girl, Diva, (affectionately known as Hermione), to go to the Rainbow Bridge to be with Surge.  I am sure that she is giving him "what for" right now.  However, my heart hurts and I miss her unbelievably.  She was the great achiever with such a strong work ethic. This summer she was awarded a GROM (Gold Register of Merit) medal at the National Specialty.  It seems yesterday that she turned around and dropped the dummy in the boat.  We made Apprentice on the second day of the water trial. It was an honor to sit beside her when she got her CWDX and Versatility and I have been on the boat when she got on the platform and went to the back of the boat and crawled up in the lap of the rower. (She did not feel well that day) It was an honor to lay with her on the night of delivery of 7 beautiful puppies and she filled their genes with her wonderful spirit.  She is called Diva from a registered part of her name, Dadiva which translated means gift or godsend.  She was my special gift. I am forever grateful to Linda Fowler for selecting me to be part of her life for 121/2 years.  Think of her fondly as you think your goodbye.  I will pick her up at the Rainbow Bridge, someday, probably in some dilapidated van, and she will again have the front window seat where she belongs.


The cause of death was hemangioscarcoma.