Jamboree, Pets for Vets

Our Last Splash of 2018 - A Chance to serve America's Veterans

Pets for Vets

Gunner and Fidel. Gunner was rescued and trained with funds raised in 2017

Portuguese Water Dog Clubs, Movers and Shakers and USSPWD join in an effort to support  veterans. On October 12, 13 and 14th, members of both clubs gathered in Louisburg, NC for a final water camp of the season with a fundraiser to benefit “Pets For Vets”.


This is the second year that we have partnered to place a rescue dog with a veteran. Last year we raised enough money for the program to adopt a dog, provide veterinary care and training and place it with a veteran.


This year’s event was launched with a dinner in the Hudson Manor Ballroom, provided by our hosts, Glen and Melissa Cogliati. They generously fed us through out the weekend and provided the site for our water camp. Dedicated trainers, Tom and Judy Leather came up to run the camp, providing assistance and encouragement for dogs from every level, Junior through Masters. On Sunday, entrants participated in a Mock Trial with Jill Flebotte, President of Movers and Shakers, serving as judge.


The site, meals, training and all expenses were generously donated; allowing all of our proceeds to go directly to Pets For Vets. In addition to the participants we received several private donations. The Movers and Shakers and the USSPWD clubs each donated $250, bringing our total to over $3,500. Sean Quigley from Pets For Vets joined us and shared information about the work of the “Pets For Vets” organization, their goals and how important the dogs are  in the life of a veteran. We’re pleased to report that our efforts will allow them to place two dogs with veterans this year.


Tropical storm Michael blew through the day before, dropping our temperatures from the 90’s the prior weekend to the low 50’s with strong winds on Saturday. In spite of the challenges of holding a camp at the end of the season, we’re proud of our success and grateful to have the opportunity to make a difference.


“Pets For Vets”  accepts applications from veterans, identifies dogs in rescue shelters, provides veterinary care and training for the dog, prior to placing these dogs with a veteran. They have  chapters across the country. We encourage others to visit their website at: