CH. Sunnyhill Carolina Splash (Leia)

- January 27, 2010

Goodbye Leia
On Sunday she was wandering through the woods with my daughter, mostly walking but occasionally glumping with her old lady stiffness. At 13, we knew she had some problems: years on controlled IBD, slowly progressive renal disease, a recent skin cancer, (and stone deaf!)  but she was vital and happy, playing with Katie's new puppy, watching out the front window on the arm of the sofa when Katie was out, greeting her at the back door when she came in.  By yesterday she was gone.  Our gallant, stoic, wonderful Leia began to cough on Sunday, checked by the vet Monday with no specific finding, became very short of breath Monday night, and by Tuesday was in extremis with a cardiac tamponade caused by a huge bleeding tumor of her heart.  She still stood up and wagged when she first saw me, but that was the last time she was to stand.  Within hours, she was barely conscious, in severe respiratory distress and in pain and we made the right decision to end her suffering.  She crossed the rainbow bridge  in the arms of her loving family and is now in a peaceful, painless place, leaving us here to mourn.  It was too soon, too  fast, too painful.   As my daughter Katie lay on the floor sobbing with Leia in her arms I was afraid she would pass out from grief:  this was her first dog, her first love, her confidante, her solace: show dog, agility dog, friend.  Goodbye to Ch. Sunnyhill Carolina Splash.  I hope to see you on the other side.
Polly Hixson