Let’s Start Sniffing! Bring your PWD to an Introduction to K9 Nose Work®

Let’s Start Sniffing! Bring your PWD to an Introduction to K9 Nose Work® -

Mark your calendar to join us for these sessions, what a wonderful way to work with you dog's natural instincts!

 The National Association of Canine Scent Work™ has created a new sport for dogs and handlers based on the methodology and training of working scent detection dogs. All dogs have the ability to excel at K9 Nose Work® since dogs “see” the world through their noses. If you are looking for a way to exercise your dog and drain some excess energy, Nose Work may be just the thing. 

Perfect for dogs who are older and looking for something fun to do, dogs who are rehabilitating an injury, or reactive dogs who are not comfortable working around other dogs. Because each dog works one at a time with no other dog present in the room, handlers can relax and enjoy an activity with their dog no matter what their issues are normally! The sport also builds confidence in low confidence/anxious dogs. 

This is a sport that celebrates the dog’s natural abilities and teaches humans to recognize and build on those natural talents. Come and learn how to have fun with your dog’s sniffing habits (instead of complaining about them)!!

Event Date: 
Saturday, March 1, 2014 - 1:00pm
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