M&S Water Trial Land Workshop at Flebotte Pond

This workshop takes place over 2 days (Friday April 4th and Saturday, April 5th) so I thought I would divide it so that you can make a choice of the time and/or day you wish to attend. The start time on the website is listed as 8:00 A:M.  I am going to move that back to 9:00 A:M not to be confused with the actual water workshops which will start earlier.  I do need to know who is coming so please let me know by emailing me at seabunz@aol.com to let me know if you will be here and at what level you are working. 




On Friday we will start with the New Versatility changes, discuss the changes and how to train for the new exercises at that level. You do not have to be working on Versatility to get something out of the information because we will be breaking down all the exercises.  Perhaps something said in Versatility will help you train at another level.  After Versatility, we will do briefings on Courier and Working exercises.




On Saturday we will begin with Junior, followed by Apprentice.


In anticipation and preparation for the Robinsons' workshop in May and to help with problem solving with and for each other,  we will discuss specific questions and/or training dilemmas you have at whatever level you are working.  Some of the topics we will discuss will be based on the following Courier articles and discussions. We will discuss specific issues on both days.


You will have access to the following articles.  Some of the material in the articles will be covered on specific days. For instance, Catherine Gadd's article has an eye opening statistic on obedience commands for Apprentice. Who Knew?


1.   Using the Long Line for Water Work based on article by Verne Foster (Courier, Jan/Feb. 2012)

2.   Come When Called (Training to Succeed) (Courier, Jan./Feb. 2012)

3.   The Two Minute Swim (Courier, Jan./Feb. 2012) by Tammy Etscheidt

4.   Color and Contrast (Courier, Jan./Feb. 2005)

5    Boat Bounding by Deborah Lee Miller Riley (Courier Jan./Feb.2013)

6.   "If At First You Don't Succeed, Train It Differently"  by Martha Ruskai (Courier Jan/Feb. 2013)

7.   "A Quest for the Elusive CWDX by Sue Zgol (Courier Jan./Feb. 2002)

8.  "Training Dive with Drive by Connie Millard  (Courier Jan./Feb. 2002)

9.   "Training For the Buoy Ball Drop"  (Courier, Jan.Feb. 2014)

10.  "Courier in the Kitchen"  (Courier, Jan./Feb 2014)

11.  "Training to Succeed. The Reward Factor (Courier, May/June 2011)

12.   Water Dog and Handler Teams  Catherine Gadd and Denise Gilbert (Courier Jan/Feb 2007)

I encourage everyone to attend.  Your dog will love you for it and have a great summer.  Thanks.

Jill Flebotte

919 528 3948


Event Date: 
Friday, April 4, 2014 - 8:00am to Saturday, April 5, 2014 - 4:00pm